About Us

We continue our long-term engineering experience with our CRAGGY brand. We always offer products that are sensitive to nature and environment by adapting to the developing technology without breaking the principle of customer focused, fast and quality product.


Our CRAGGY brand, which establishes a tight chain relationship with all its employees and suppliers, wants to realize domestic and international sales.


As a responsiblity of enviroment, by keeping the administrative and legal values in the foreground, It adopts to raise the value of our brand with conscious employees and suppliers by choosing raw materials that do not harm the environment, by using natural resources conservatively and effectively, preferring recyclable products, demanding that the environmental life cycle and waste be minimized in resources.



It is aware that for human health, Raw materials must be selected from healthy materials. We will always work with the goal of zero "0" job accident, All employees and suppliers must work according to legal business health rules.


It is our greatest desire to continue the brand life in an environment where the awareness of social responsibility is constantly applied, the child workers are not employed, all legal rules and regulations are valid, employees will feel valuable and will work safely and with pleasure.