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 Use and Protection of Information:

  Our company, which is known as CRAGGY brand name, requests some personal information (name, surname, age, e-mail, telephone, ...) in order to provide better services to its customers.

Statistics are collected from these collected personal data, used in the CRAGGY brand in order to make periodic campaign studies, e-bulletin studies, custom promotional activities for customer profiles, and not to send unsolicited e-mails

Our company, which is present with CRAGGY brand, the information they collected from the membership forms does not use for commercial purposes for any reason other than business, and does not sell it, with absolutely no sharing with the third parties without the knowledge of the members.

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Customer information shall be shared with the authorities only when such information is requested by the public authorities and when it is obliged to make a statement to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable statutory legislation.

Due to the structure of the Internet, information may be circulated on the Internet despite adequate security measures and may be retrieved and used by unauthorized persons. The damage caused by this use is not under the responsibility of the CRAGGY company. The collected information is stored in a secure environment that is not open to public use.

About Third Party links

Our company, which is owned by the CRAGGY brand, does not guarantee the privacy policies of third party websites that you will reach via links on the our website, so we recommend that you evaluate the privacy approach of the sites you visit before giving any personally identifiable information.

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